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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Spanish Lake Park

Courts need some work
Bulgarian is the winner!
Spanish Lake Park was chosen for our first experience as these are the courts that Scott Stinson (NOCO) first played on as a middle school age kid. The Spanish Lake  community is an old one dating back to the early 1800's. Spanish Lake Park is in the far reaches of  NOCO.

The courts are as remembered in a remote setting in between two lakes and surrounded by trees.   When we arrived at 6:57am the gates were locked but park employees showed up moments later and opened the gates.   There was originally two courts here but one has been converted to a basketball court. The remaining court is in good condition but in need of crackfilling/resurfacing.

NOCO loses this round
Upon beginning to warm up we both noticed that the courts were amazingly slow for hard courts.   We both adjusted quickly and the battle was on.   Stan Angelov (Bulgarian) was the victor in a 6-1, 3-6, 10-6(tiebreaker) battle.   No bad bounces were observed and the location eliminated any wind issues even though it was windy.    Court setting and location are a 10 with the court surface about a 6. 

We liked the slow play of the court.  Playing in the morning is probably the optimum time to avoid a basketball game on the adjacent court.   If we had played closer to lunch time we would have stopped at local favorite Ponticello's which is just up the street!  


  1. Great idea guys. Looking forward to following you around town!

  2. Blog Correction. Ponticello's has now closed after many years in business.