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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sylvan Springs Park

After three matches in NOCO and North St. Louis City we headed to deep South County for our match.   This weeks location was Sylvan Springs Park located just off of Telegraph road near Jefferson Barracks.    The park is in a secluded location and has four hard courts.   We played at 7am and all was quiet except for a few dog walkers.    Since it was such a nice day we drove the Central Realty truck Betty a 1965 Volkswagen pickup.   We met at West County Mall at the Dove and were disappointed to learn the after 30 plus years you are no longer able to meet there because Nordstrom does not have enough parking.   The guard was kind enough to allow us to leave a car in the rear lot.   

The initial impression of the courts was not too great.  They had a good amount of debris and it looks like the asphalt is near the end of its life.   However the bounces were true and the match was decided by skill not funny bounces.   Fortunately the skill this week rested with Scott and the Mad Bulgarian was dispatched in a straight set affair.  6-2, 6-3.   Scott was able to play some good serve and volley and returned well enough that the Mad Bulgarian did not even hold serve once.

We finished the morning off with a stop at the Affton Eat-Rite diner.   Nobody was brave enough to order the slinger  - a St. Louis tradition.    Had we had a little more time we might have stopped at nearby Jefferson Barracks or the Missouri Civil War Museum.      

Ratings are as follows:
Location = 8
Courts = 5
Overall = 6.5

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