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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who is the Bulgarian Now?

This tennis caper was conducted on the day before thanksgiving.   It started with Scott Stinson dressing head to toe in a Bulgarian Sweatsuit.  It was thought that having two bulgarians on the court would confuse Stan Angelov.   Next a stop was made at the Racketman for a can of balls and a new demo racket for Scott.   Scott picked out a Prince Ex03 Red 105

The kind folks at the racket man introduced Scott to a customer named Lewis Conley who is a well known coach and player in the area.  Lewis took Scott to his car and gave him a set of singles sticks so that Stan and Scott could play the first regulation match of their lives.    Lastly a quick stop at Dollar Tree to pick up some festive net decorations.   With all that in place it was time to head to our destination.  Paul A. Schroeder Park in Manchester, MO near Stan's ReMax office. 

Who was Paul A. Schroeder you ask?  We were unable to find out...   So at match time the temperature was a chilly 47 degrees.  The match was tight throughout the first set with Scott getting up a break at 4-3 but eventually losing the set 7-5.   Stan's defense was again the difference.  The prince racket did seem to help but wasn't enough to overcome Stan's speed.   In the second set Scott tried to force the action a little bit and the strategy backfired as Stan finished strong by imposing a Bagel on the NOCO Boy.
An unfortunate end for Scott but we were both thankful for the opportunity to play outside this late in November.  Schroeder park is nice with lots of amenities we rated the court location a 8 anticipating nearby swim and volleyball would be a hindrance in summer and the surface a 7 for a total of 7.5.  The question has been answered Stan is the Bulgarian Now!

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  1. What did you think about playing with the singles sticks?