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Monday, February 27, 2012

Spellman Park/Whitecliff Park - Rags to Riches

Last week we had a nice warm day with 60 degree temps which caused us to look for a forgotten court.  We were surely successful.  We started the afternoon at Spellman Park which is tucked back into a neighborhood near Highway 44 and Big Bend.

This was certainly a forgotten park - only one tennis court with no surface, many cracks and a large glob of mud seeping into the back corner of the court.   Although the court looked conducive to a win by the boy from north county we decided it was unsafe.

Accordingly we travelled about 3 miles to another Crestwood Park.  Whitecliff Park.   What a fabulous public tennis facility.  The park is well maintained and has four lighted courts with a picnic table in between.  The court surface was in great shape.

The match began as usual. Stan stormed out to a 4-1 lead with Scott fighting back to even the score.   It was a little windy and that usually works in Scott's favor.  Not the case today.  Stan finished out the last two games for a 6-4 first set win.

The second set was more of the same as Stan stormed out to an early lead.  Scott thought for a minute he was going to win by default as Stan found the only rock on the court surface, slid and landed on the ground.   Although his ego was bruised, Stan got up and resumed the beating!   Second set to Stan 6-2.

Other nearby attractions are Grants Trail and Grants Farm along with Ulysses Grant's house known as Hardscrabble also nearby is the historic Sappington House and Cemetery

These were by far the nicest courts we have played on for this blog.  Surface and Location ratings were both a 10 with a .5 deduct for the rock.  Total score of 9.75.  We highly recommend these courts!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Head Games..... Creve Coeur Park

As we are enjoying a bit of springtime in January we decided to get out and play our first match of 2012!   We hit the court with Stan using his new Head Speed MP purchased from Tennis Warehouse and Scott using demo Head Speed MP 300 from our local shop the Racketman.   Scott was also sporting a new Prince Backpack!

Creve Coeur Park is a large park in St. Louis County known for its Lake and Boating activities.  Unknown are the two tennis courts located in the upper section of the park.     The courts are in a nice location surrounded by pine trees.   The courts themselves have a fair amount of cracking that needs some attention from St. Louis County.   
As the match got underway Scott went to the age old strategy of picking on Stan's backhand.   This worked fairly well.  The first set went back and forth and Scott was finally able to serve for the set at 5-4 and won the set with a nice lob volley over Stan's head at set point.   

Stan responded to the backhand attacks by focusing hard on hitting his backhand better.  The strategy worked as Stan hit a flurry of backhand winners to take the second set 6-2.   The third set was more of the same and ended with Stan hitting cross court and down the line winners to take the third set at 6-3.   Scott even tried to use the cracks to his advantage to no avail.

Overall courts get a condition of 7.0 and location is a 10 for an average of 8.5