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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tiemeyer Park - St. Ann - A Trip to the Bagel Factory

Spring is in full force this week, trees are blooming and weather topped out above 80 degrees.  Of course a trip to a forgotten court was in order.    This was supposed to be the day Scott stopped Stan's three match streak.  Down 13 pounds and feeling good Scott arrived and was even more encouraged when the nets had no straps.

Stan has a very flat serve and surely these nets were going to give him trouble..Tiemeyer Park in St. Ann  is a large park located off of Ashby Road.   Who was Tiemeyer?  We do not know - a google search failed us.  But we did find this interesting video on St. Ann.   Tiemeyer features indoor/outdoor pool, lake, roller hockey, ball fields, walking paths and two tennis courts.

It was on these courts that some old fashioned tennis justice was administered.   First the courts... surface ok, some major cracks and both nets lacked center straps.    On to the match, The match began with Stan jumping out to a 2-0 lead.   Scott wasn't worried and as usual began to make his move after falling behind.... two break points appeared for Scott and then vanished.

At 4-0 Stan served again and Scott again had two break points.  On each of those break points Scott crushed the returns trying to avoid the bagel and Stan somehow got the returns back and kept himself in the point and finally hit a winner after being on the defensive for the whole point.   A total of 4 break points were available and Scott could not convert on one.

Result for set one - A  big fat bagel 6-0.   Scott was feeling good and encouraged by the many chances in the first set.  Second set was slightly closer but Stan was able to win it 6-3 for an easy victory and now his fourth in a row.

Location was a 10 and court condition a 6.5 for an average of 8.25.


  1. May be time for forgotten courts to entertain guests to break Stan's streak.

  2. Those look like pretty nice courts to me (surface at least).
    Is there an appeal process if we don't agree with the ratings?

    How about more information. Were they slow? Fast? Hard or Soft? :)

  3. Jason, you can always add your comments here. Most of these courts are Laykold surface and play the same which I would say is medium speed. We usually remark if its out of the ordinary fast or slow - See Pioneer Park - Playin on Plastic!