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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Shootout at the OK Corral - Westminster Christian Academy

This one has all the makings of a good movie.   Stan has been routinely beating up on Scott in the last few matches.   Scott is ranked #14 on the West County Tennis Ladder in singles and Stan is ranked #5.  Our match was an official challenge match for West County Ladder and we played at high noon in 100 degree heat.   Scott had been playing a lot of singles and came into the match with a 6-0 record on the ladder.

For our location we picked some new courts which are fast becoming the favorite for the tennis community.  The courts are those of the new Westminster Christian Academy in West County.   This is an absolutely gorgeous facility with 12 courts with individual fences, benches, umbrellas, restroom facilities.   A great place to play tennis.

So play we did.   Stan won the spin and elected to serve.   Scott struck first with a break at love and then held his own serve for a 2-0 lead.   Stan fought back to get to a 5-4 lead and then Scott served to stay in the set.   On break point Scott worked his way to the net and Stan hit a brilliant topspin lob over his head which landed square on the baseline.    First set to Stan.

The second set  Stan started out with a hold and then Scott held and broke for a 2-1 lead.  Two more serve holds and Scott was up 3-2.   Scott broke Stan again with a rocket cross court forehand and then was able to hold for a 5-2 lead.   Scott's strategy of pushing deep to the backhand and coming to the net looked like it was starting to work.  At this point Stan threw in the towel the heat had taken its toll.....  goosebumps and dehydration were apparent.  Better to quit than risk further damage.   Stlforgotten courts had experienced its first default.

Scott's hot weather gear may have been the difference - a cooler with Hammer HEED, ICE and a FROG Towel were very welcome accessories to bring out on such a hot day.  Did it make the difference - we will never know.  This one may have been won by pre- match preparation instead of skill.  

The courts are beautiful and play consistent and fairly slow.   We give them a 10 for location and a 10 for condition.   These are private school courts and for now they seem to be willing to let the public play here.  Treat them with respect!

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