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Friday, August 03, 2012

The Bluebird Park Massacre

Sorry folks it has taken awhile to publish this one.   Scott's butt is still sore from this one.   Bluebird Park is the main city park for Ellisville, Missouri in West St. Louis County.  

It is a nice park with many amenities including swimming pool, trails, band shell, frisbee golf course, etc.   It also has some well used tennis courts.   The first thing we noticed was that most of the court surface was worn away leaving a gritty concrete surface.  

Bounces were consistent but slow.    After a quick warm up we got to work.  The match started out pretty close with both players holding serve to get to a 2-2 score.   At that point things started to get a little freaky, at least from Scott's perspective.  

The slow court which would normally favor Scott somehow was a perfect match for Stan's game.   At 2-2 Scott had reached his highwater mark.   The final score was 6-2,6-0 and in the words of Forrest Gump "Thats all we have to say about that".

Court Condition is a 6 and location is an 8 for a score of 7.   Clancy's Irish Pub is nearby is a great local option for lunch or an after match beer!

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