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Friday, October 05, 2012

2 Ciders, 4 Beers a Coffee Patron RumChata and a Bagel..... New Ballwin Park

With the beautiful fall weather at hand Stan and Scott scheduled an early morning match at New Ballwin Park.  For most of 2012 Scott has taken it on the chin with the exception of one heat induced win this summer.  With the match scheduled, Scott decided to stimulate the economy with a a visit to the last Cardinal game of the regular season.  This involved a pre-game trip to 360 and two post game stops at Urban Lounge and McClains.  In between the first cider and the last RumChata a Bacon Wrapped Hotdog was consumed topped with baked beans, onions and salsa.

At 6am prior to the match Scott knew he was in trouble - a veritable Witches Brew boiled within his stomach.   Could he default? - of course the answer was no.  Stan had no such problems.  He was working hard selling real estate and went to bed early and showed up ready to take care of business.  

New Ballwin Park is located in Ballwin just south of Manchester Road and consists of two courts.  The courts are in average shape with the outside surface pretty beat up.  The surface between the lines is actually in good shape.  The match started with Stan ripping winners off of his backhand wing repeatedly.  This put Scott in the uncomfortable position of being down 4-1 and 5-2 before he was able to play some good defense and fight his way back into the set.   Stan finally got an opportunity to serve the match out a 5-4 and did so at love.  

The second set was were Scott's poor match prep came into play.   Stan was playing great defense and getting back Scott's best shots thus causing Scott to try to hit harder which ultimately led to errors.   Stan rolled the set 6-0 and then promptly whipped out a bag of St. Louis Bread Company Bagels and proceeded to have Scott eat a bagel to celebrate the bagel!

Location rating is an 8 with courts pretty close to road.  Court Condition is a 6 - these are due for a resurfacing but actually played pretty well for the condition.  Overall rating is a 7.

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