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Monday, July 29, 2013

Miracle on Asphalt - Bridgeton Recreation Complex

Taking advantage of the unseasonably cool July weather we took a pause from residential and commercial real estate and headed up north to the Bridgeton Athletic Complex for a little match.   A lot of external factors were in play for this match...   Would the Bridgeton Landfill fire fill our noses with noxious odors?   Being close to the airport would the flight path of commercial planes bother us?   It was our first match since Scott's Schatzki Ring incident....  and lastly it has been 8 months since Scott had a victory over Stan.   Stan was dominating much like the Russian Ice Hockey team prior to the 1980 "Miracle on Ice"

The Bridgeton Athletic Complex is a major facility with much more than just tennis.   Tennis wise they have four courts which appear to be in good condition.   They also have something we don't see too often - true beginners playing tennis without instruction.   While we were there two groups came to play - including two guys on their lunch break wearing long pants and work shoes.  They began their match with no warm up and competed hard over an office bet of who was the greatest tennis player.

We being the accomplished players we are began to warm - up and immediately noticed the courts had a really low bounce and within about 10 minutes most of the fuzz was off of new can of Wilson tennis balls.   Also the location of the courts in river flood plain creates a deceptive wind effect.

This match began in a really unusual fashion for us as we had 12 straight holds of serve to get to a first set tiebreaker.   Things began to look good for Scott as he rolled out to a 5-2 lead in the tiebreaker and then smacked a vicious cross court winner to set up a 6-2 lead and 4 set points.   Stan did not go away however and brought it back to 5-6 with a drop shot followed by a feathery lob over Scott's head.   Finally, on the last set point Scott hit an nonreturnable serve up the T to notch the set.

The momentum continued and Scott banged out three quick games to go up 3-0 in the second set.   Then the Bulgarian got a determined look on his face and began his comeback.   Stan dialed in his backhand and started hitting winners propelling himself to a 3-3 score.

The set continued to 5-5 at which point Stan broke Scott to serve for the set at 6-5.   Scott not giving up earned a break point and brought the set to a tiebreaker by ripping a ball cross-court past Stan as he approached the net.   Another tiebreaker was played and this time Stan ran out to a 6-2 lead and four set points.  Just like Stan in the first set Scott battled back to 5-6 and then had Stan on the run and decided to rip a down the line forehand .... out by 10 feet.   Stan wins set number two.  At this point we decided to settle the match with a traditional 7 point tiebreaker.  Weirdly enough this time Scott dialed in and again got a 6-2 lead earning four match points.   Stan won the next two but finally netted  a forehand giving Scott his first victory in 2013! 7-6,6-7, 1-0

Court condition is a 7 based on the ball wear.  Not 100% sure we didn't get a can of bad balls.   Location is an 8 - there is a lot of plane and railroad activity nearby which may be a problem for some.  Combined rating 7.5.  The park has its own concession stand and restrooms and the courts are lighted as well.   Other food options nearby would be located at the St. Louis Mills Mall.


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    1. Well played Stinson! Love the guys playing out a bet in street clothes.

  2. The office guys were hilarious. One of them had on dress shoes. Thanks Bob!