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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Battle of Benton - Mixed Doubles at Benton Park

Stan and Scott have a regular mixed doubles game with two of their good friends Laura and Toni, both USTA rated 4.5 players.  Instead of watching the Wimbledon mens final we decided to bring that rivalry to Benton Park in the City of St. Louis and record it on Stlforgottencourts.    Benton Park is located south and west of the Soulard Neighborhood.

Two tennis courts are located at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Arsenal Street.   The park features several ponds, a bridge, walking paths, a monument to German-American Hero Friedrich Hecker and frequently hosts summer concerts.   The Benton Park neighborhood and the park are full of history and great architecture.  The area is takes its name from Senator Thomas Hart Benton who is famous amongst other things for participating in two duels on Bloody Island.

We inspected the courts and noticed several cracks, missing netstraps, average surface and lights that no longer function.   The remainder of the park appears to be well maintained. The city generally has done a good job maintaining their public courts but these are definitely in need of some work.   We opened a can of X-Balls and began our warm up.

Toni and Stan won the toss and elected to serve.  Stan served a tremendous game that went to several deuces and finally held on with a tough cross court shot.   At 4-4 Stan and Toni broke Scott after he drilled several balls right at Toni down the line and Toni
volleyed each one back finally picking off a low dipper and hitting a drop shot volley winner.   Toni held her serve to take the set 6-4.   

The first set loss was motivating to Scott and Laura and they came out firing.   Laura held her serve by hitting a great cross court volley past Stan's outstretched racket.   Scott and Laura decided to use the unusual tactic of hitting to Stan because Toni was making great shots from everywhere on the court.

The strategy picked up some steam and Scott/Laura rolled out to a 3-1 lead.   At 4-3 Scott served and after a tough rally Laura pushed Stan deep in the forehand corner and Stan unleashed an amazing topspin corner to corner winner to seal the break.

On Toni's serve a break point was earned and during a rally with Scott, Toni hit a short
high ball that Scott was ready to put away..... The ball bounced on a crack and kicked left forcing Scott to make an error.   Toni held on for a 5-4 lead and then Laura was broken for a 6-4, 6-4 victory for the feisty Bulgarian and his partner.  

Generally the ball bounces were consistent.  Location and setting in historic Benton Park are a 10 but court condition is closer to a 5 for a 7.5 rating.   These courts would get a lot of use if they were renovated.   There are some great nearby St. Louis standbys such as Gus' Pretzels and Hodaks.  However you can't beat the convenience Luvy Duvy's Cafe right across the street.
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