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Friday, August 15, 2014

Spartan vs Spartan - The Brentwood Swim Club

This lovely August weather has been great for tennis.   Unfortunately Stan was out of town after working very hard to get Scott's father in law's house under contract he took a much needed vacation to Florida.   While he was away we brought in a USTA 4.5 sub, Dan Wyland who happened to not only be from North County but was a Hazelwood East Spartan along with Scott and local pro Steve Wall who hangs his hat at Creve Coeur Racquet Club.

The Brentwood Swim Club is a hidden gem located in of all places Brentwood.   It is an old style swim and tennis club with two tennis courts.   It is a membership only club which Scott has belonged to for many years.  Memberships are available here.

The courts sit behind the swimming pool and are secluded and surrounded on three sides by trees. For our third blog in a row mixed doubles was the format.  Dan played with Toni and Scott with Laura.   Scott and Laura won the racquet spin and elected to have Dan and Toni serve.   Dan broke out the X-Balls and immediately won his service game.  So much for strategy.

Dan and Toni were on fire.  Dan was poaching at net and Toni was taking any ball in the air and putting it just out of Scott and Laura's reach.  Toni hit a great lob that found a crack just as Laura thought she had tracked it down.   Down 0-4 Scott was finally able to hold his serve to eliminate the bagel.

New strategy was formulated to keep Dan and Toni off balance with loopy, slow shots mixed with good lobs.  This seemed to work as the score went quickly to 5-5 as Scott held his serve again.   Laura was able to hold for a 6-5 lead and after a tough game they finally broke Dan to win the set 7-5

The second set started out with a circus point that lasted about 10 shots with Laura and Scott finally winning the point when Toni made a rare miss and hit a sitter into the net.   This set stayed very close with really good points.

At 4-3 Scott served and after several deuce points finally won a point by chasing down a great Dan drop shot and ripping a winner up the middle.  At 5-4 Laura and Scott finally won the match when Laura who is not known for mobility chased down a ball over Scott's head and took it in the air saving a sure winner.

The courts are in pretty good shape with a few cracks that did come into play.   A basketball net is placed on one court which really could impede play and cause a potential injury.   Court condition is an 8 and location is a 10 for an average of 9.

A great local place nearby to grab a bite to eat is OB Clark's a Brentwood favorite.

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