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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Quest for the Golden Set - Tilles Park

Its been a couple months since the last match.  On a warm June morning we headed over to Tilles Park for a singles match.   Stan has been playing a lot of early morning tennis at Creve Coeur Racquet Club while Scott is playing a lot of World Team Tennis at Dwight Davis Tennis Center and USTA League Tennis on clay at the Highlands.  Scott was eager to test out his new Yonex Vcore Duel G Racket against the Bulgarian.

Tilles Park has four nice courts which are surrounded by really beautiful stone walls built during the "Great Depression" by the Works Progress Administration.  The park is named for Rosalie Tilles the mother of Captain Andrew Tilles a fascinating St. Louis figure who dominated the horse racing industry in his day.   The courts are in good shape but probably do not have the requisite distance
between baseline and fence for proper maneuvering.  Tilles is also home to the very popular Winter Wonderland Light Show each year.

After a short warm up we were ready to start the battle.... or at least one of us was.

Stan won the racket spin and elected to serve.  He quickly made a statement winning four points in a row and hitting two winners off the backhand wing.  Scott served.... Stan won four more points in a row again unleashing a barrage of backhand winners.   At this point the Golden Set jokes started - a golden set is 24 points in a row by one player.   Stan served again and reeled off four more points for a 3-0 lead for 12 points in a row - he was halfway there.

At this point Scott was just looking to win one point to spoil the Golden Set.  It was very apparent that Stan's backhand could fire off a winner from anywhere on the court.  The strategy would be hit to the forehand from here on out.  Boom - Scott hit a serve and Stan pulled it wide on his forehand side. Miraculously Scott went on to win that game but it proved just a bump on the road for Stan as he reeled off three more games in a row to win 6-1.

The second set got underway with Scott serving and would you believe it Stan reeling off another 12 points in a row to take another 3-0 lead and again have a chance for the golden set.  Finally in the 4th game Stan's concentration faltered - lets be clear Scott did not play better just was able
to keep the ball in play enough to win 2 games before Stan finished the set
at 6-2

Stan was in top form and administered probably the most one sided victory in the history of Stlforgottencourts.   Court condition is a 9 and location is a 10 for a 9.5 rating.  If you are looking for some food after tennis here there is only one place to go - The one and only Carls Drive In!